DISC’O’CLOCK: Vinyl wall clocks from recycled records.

Unique, Eco-friendly, Made in Italy

The DISC’O’CLOCK collection is conceived for the contemporary home.  It’s a design and interior decoration project, which continuously evolves to develop a growing family of “time measurers”.
Old vinyl brought back to life from the dustbin of history. Signs, forms and colors stolen from the collective memory, and adapted to satisfy modern tastes. The DISC’O’CLOCK collection reflects the various connections existing  between fashion, design, art, and the street: a collection that wants to be provokative and stimulate the senses, wants to raise public awareness on environmental issues and the culture of recycling and reuse.
bandiera_dxFirst exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2011, they were then selected for YEP (Young dEsigners exPosition) 2011 and featured at Salone del Mobile in Milan and at the Florence Design Week 2012.Logo yep! 2011
New products and product lines are constantly presented at the most important european trade fairs (AMBIENTE, MAISON&OBJET, TENDENCE). 


Both the design and the production are entirely made in our beautiful laboratory in Trieste, ITALY. And of course, we’re very proud of it!


Vinyl wall clocks and accessories made from recycled records.
We only use vinyl supplied from our partner DJs, which are ruined or scratched and already ended their primary function – music listening.
Each item is UNIQUE: as they are made of recycled records, each label differs from the other!
Each item is ECO-FRIENDLY: not only they’re made out of re-used material, but we also use an eco compatible way to engrave them.
Each item is MADE in ITALY: we proudly try to stand out of the crowd by not merely designing our products in Italy, but we strive to preserve the world famous Italian craftsmanship tradition.


The project was born in 2010, when we received a stock of 1000 records from a friend, the owner of a radio station, who had his basement flooded. These vinyl were apparently useless, but we already knew it wasn’t so. We also “recycled” a machine that was gathering dust in our old laboratory, and decided to give both of them a new life. After few weeks of experiments, the first DISC’O’CLOCK was born. We then started giving away the first clocks to friends, and the feedback was so amazing that we decided to make a business out of it.

WHY DISC’O’CLOCK? or better… Does DISC’O’CLOCK mean something?

Well, DISCO in Italian, means RECORD, but (as good party animals) we also liked the name to be associated with the club culture from the seventies… Now, after years in the business, we started developing new product lines, still exploring the possibilities that old records give us…so basically, all of our creatures bring in their name a reference to DISCO, VINYL or RECORDS.